KEEPING the bar high for voiceover 



OUR Promise:

We will work tirelessly to insure the success of our Voiceover community by practicing and promoting fairness, transparency and excellence. We are unwavering in our resolve to implement the industry's highest ethical standards for the benefit of talent, their representatives and our valued clients.


We are a collective of vetted professional voiceover talent agencies operating individually but committed as a group to the highest standards the business has to offer. In response to industry pressures from outside forces and online casting sites, which have had a negative impact on talent, their representatives and most importantly those hiring voiceover talent, we have taken the unprecedented step to form an Alliance.

Together, each of our agencies represent the most in-demand and respected union and non-union voiceover talent worldwide. In addition to providing our free audition submission tool which gives you access to all alliance member agencies at once, every member has agreed to adhere to the following standards:

WE PLEDGE TRANSPARENCY: Transparency is our priority. Leading by example means being honest, trustworthy and forthright with talent and buyers. Fair rates and working conditions are a direct outgrowth of our commitment to professionalism. We fully disclose all project information to our talent, both the entire amount budgeted for each project and exactly how much is deducted for commissions and fees. 

WE PLEDGE INTEGRITY: No member agency will knowingly undercut talent budgets and we choose to not work with talent who would do so. Our Alliance supports the growth and quality of our industry, our agencies and our talent.

WE PLEDGE CONFIDENTIALITY: All information regarding talent and buyers’ auditions is kept in the strictest of confidence.

WE PLEDGE PROFESSIONALISM: Our decades of experience working on national projects is the foundation of our Alliance. When you use our services, we provide the expertise and attention to detail you expect and deserve. We guarantee professional talent and the highest level of hands-on customer service from our agents.

WE PLEDGE DILIGENCE: We hold our industry, craft and clients in the highest esteem and will work to both educate and enlighten our community about unfair or unethical business practices.

WE PLEDGE ETHICS: We will always endeavor to refrain from supporting any entities that do not operate ethically.