Q: I'm a voice talent...how do I submit to the Alliance for representation? 

A: The Alliance does not accept talent demos or requests for representation. Talent would need to submit for representation individually with our members as there is no across-the-board representation offered by the Alliance.  

Q: Are the Alliance agencies all union?

A: Our Alliance agencies are both union and non-union.

Q: Do the Alliance agencies work together with clients on voiceover talent requests?

A: All Alliance agencies are separate companies and operate individually. Clients are free to contact all or as many agents as they wish using the Audition Your Project Form. Each member agency quotes their own rates. A helpful guideline for understanding standard rates are the SAG-AFTRA guidelines found in the Production Center on their site.

Q: Can the Alliance help me figure out what rates to charge for my voiceover work?

A: One industry resource is VOratecard.com - a combination of non-union and SAG-AFTRA rates on one site. Rates have been negotiated for 75 years through a bargaining process conducted by SAG-AFTRA. The union rates are fair and appropriate so we suggest people learn the SAG-AFTRA rates and terms, and use them as a helpful guide when determining non-union rates. If you are represented by an Alliance agent, contact them for assistance.

Q:  I own a voiceover talent agency, how can I join the Alliance?  

A: Agencies interested in becoming Alliance members can submit an application for inclusion by emailing us at: Members@VOAgentAlliance.com. 

Q: How is the Alliance governed? 

A: The Alliance operates as a democracy. All new business decisions are subject to a member agency vote with outcomes based on majority rules. 

Q: How do I find out recent news about the Alliance?

A: News and ongoing projects and campaigns can be found on our BLOG & PRESS pages. 

Q: Can I follow the Alliance on social media? 

A: YES!  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.